How to Create a Website or Blog in Minutes
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How to Start a Website or Blog in Minutes

How to Create a Website or Blog in Minutes

So you want to create a blog or a professional website to attract visitors to your niche, but not sure where to begin?

Today, I’ll show you my exact process for creating a website which will be FAST and EASY to accomplish.

The first and step to creating your website is finding a web hosting service that will store and serve your website pages to your visitors.

Sounds expensive right? Not if you go with my recommended web hosting service provider, InMotion Hosting. If you follow our link, the price drops significantly and they provide reliable service that I trust, use and fully recommend.

The Impact of this Website Creation Guide on Your Business: Very High

Why InMotion Hosting?

These guys are absolute pros in the industry. You will have access to amazing US-based customer support (toll-free phone, live chat and email), easy website transfers if needed, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and so much more.

On the technical side, they offer FAST SSD drives on all hosting plans, free data backups (most charge), choice of data center location (isn’t offered by most), more supported programming languages and access to a 1-click installer that gives you access to over 400 applications!

Over the 20 years I’ve been creating websites for myself and clients, I’ve been through the wringer. So much has changed through the years and believe me, all those top hosting websites out there in Google search have it wrong.

If you follow the bulk of their advice, you will likely go down the pathway of an Endurance International owned website like HostGator, iPage or Bluehost. After dealing with foreign support, major downtimes, slow website page loads and frustration to the point of going bald, I say, stay far, far, even farther away.

Thing is, Endurance does a really good job of hiding the many 10s of brands they operate. They are always buying out new companies and it’s difficult to keep up with which brands to avoid.

Trust me, stick with my recommendation and you’ll avoid many headaches down the road.

Content Management Solution

Now that your web host is chosen, what will you actually put on your website? 20 years ago, you would be learning HTML and coding your website in Notepad (I did!) but not anymore! Now you have these amazing content management solutions that make starting a blog easy for anyone that wants one.

My recommended content management system is WordPress. It’s free, has massive support by thousands of developers and if you know how to use a word editor like Microsoft Word or have ever participated in forums online that allows styled text, then you already have what it takes.

If you decide on WordPress, you’ll also be able to take advantage of many of my future guides on Impact Now Academy that will assist with formatting, layout, design and traffic-getting.

The Beginning of Creating a Blog Starts Now

Now that you know your web host and which content management solution you are using, it’s time to stop “thinking about it” and take incredible action to begin your online blogging journey.

The signup process is simple and extremely affordable. If you follow these instructions, you’ll be website-ready in minutes for under $50 for an entire year!

Thanks to our partnership with InMotion Hosting, they have provided you with a massive 56% off discount that isn’t available anywhere else. See for yourself, visit their site in a different browser and compare it to the pricing you get through our link. I’m offering you the best of both worlds, a quality web host to start your blog and an amazing price that’s tough to beat.

Create a Blog with InMotion Hosting Service

Once your discount is registered in your browser, I personally setup clients on the LAUNCH plan because it offers everything needed for new websites to get started. You can even launch a second website if needed without paying anything extra.

The next step is your domain name. If you have one already, great! If not, I highly recommend a .com domain where possible. Since InMotion Hosting charges $15/year for a domain, I recommend heading over to and buying your domain there.

InMotion Hosting Domain Choice

You should NEVER trust any web host with registering your domain for you. If you register your domain at a registrar, there can never be a “hostage” situation where a host could delay your domain transfer. Last think you want is the inability to easily move your domain to a new web host.

Does InMotion Hosting hold your domain hostage? I actually ran a test from a year ago and found that they were very willing and fast to transfer my domain out of their system. No problems here, but again, I still recommend ordering your domain at GoDaddy to future-proof yourself.

Once you click CONTINUE, you’ll be offered an upgrade that you can skip. From here, you have a couple easy choices to make.

Data Center: Where are YOU located? Choose the datacenter closest to you which will slightly improve the delay in requesting pages (the closer you are to your server, the faster it is). Since you will be the #1 user of your site, you and your closest customers should get the slight speed improvement.

InMotion Hosting Content Management System

Content Management Auto-Installer: Choose WordPress unless you have a different content management system in mind for your website. For instance, perhaps you want to install a forum instead of a blog on your domain? Then you’d select “No, Thanks” here.

Once your options are selected, click CONTINUE.

The next screen asks if you are a returning customer. Just enter your BEST / most monitored email address under “New Customer” then CONTINUE. This email will be used for communications about your website, billing and more.

Enter your information, your billing and payment method and then REVIEW MY ORDER.

From here, finalize your payment and complete the order process.

Check your emails that InMotion Hosting will send you. They will provide you with your AMP (Account Management Panel) login details. If you choose to have them setup WordPress for you, they will also include instructions on logging in to your WordPress for the first time.

Make sure you save these emails for reference.

Connecting Your Domain to InMotion Hosting

Included in the emails, IMH will send you nameservers for your domain. Without using too much technical jargon here, pointing your domain to InMotion’s nameservers will allow your domain to “see” your new hosting plan and answer page requests.

If, by chance, InMotion changes their routine and does NOT include nameservers in the welcome emails, no problem. Log in to the AMP and you’ll find your nameservers listed on one of the configuration pages. You can also start a live chat under support if you need further assistance.

GoDaddy Nameservers Configuration

Log in to GoDaddy, on the upper right you’ll see your name, click it and select “Manage My Domains.” You’ll see a list of domains you own, click the down arrow and click “Set Nameservers.”

On the new page, under the Nameservers section, click the Change button and enter in both nameserver addresses that InMotion has provided you.

Within an hour, you should see your new domain loading WordPress. Just visit mydomain12345678(.)com/wp-admin to login. You can write your first piece of content under the “Posts” section.

Congrats! You’ve taken the first major step by creating your blog! Look for future guides that assist with theme, plugin and settings options to further style your new website.

Remember: Content is extremely important to your newly created website. Before worrying about all the configuration, start actively writing to your audience as if everyone in the world is reading. Without your frequently updated message, you give little reason for your readers to follow, come back and subscribe to your mailing lists.

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