Best WordPress Plugins You Should Use for Business Websites
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Best WordPress Plugins for Business

Best WordPress Plugins You Should Use for Business Websites

A business site without WordPress plugins is a site that works against you. Period.

Since I’ve been using WordPress for well over 10 years now, there’s not a lot of plugins I haven’t tried on my test server.

Tens of thousands of plugins are junk. The ones I’m recommending here are the standouts in the crowd.

How to Install WordPress Plugins?

Easier than you think.

From the dashboard, Plugins > Add New. For most of my recommendations, they are available in the WordPress Directory.

Search for the plugin below, look for the plugin with the author I provide and high active install count.

Once found, click the “Install Now” button and then click Activate to activate it in your WordPress.


Business WordPress Plugin Recommendations

Here’s a quick list of my recommended business WordPress plugins that are free to use.

  • Yoast SEO by Team Yoast – If you want the best chance to rank your website in search engines such as Google, you need this WordPress plugin. It will help you optimize your meta data (page title and description tags that appear in search) and will allow you to “noindex” duplicate content that WordPress is known for. What settings do I use? I’ll put together a guide for this at a later date where I’ll share the settings I use and recommend.
    Enable Advanced Settings once installed to activate the full power of this plugin. To do that, click SEO > then click the Features tab > then switch “Advanced settings pages” to “Enabled.” If you fail to do this, any guide you search for Yoast SEO settings will frustrate you as things will appear missing.
  • WPForms Lite by WPForms – This plugin allows you to add a beautiful contact form with a very easy drag and drop form builder that just works. The plugin includes some default templates you can use such as “Simple Contact Form,” “Suggestion Form” and more. They also included a non-obtrusive form security to deter spambots. This is the plugin we use on our contact form here.
  • Social Warfare by Warfare Plugins – After using the built-in Thrive Themes social media integration for a while, I decided to switch to Social Warfare because the sharing functionality is way more professional. Currently, I only use the free functionality this plugin offers but may upgrade to the pro version later.
  • kk Star Rating by Kamal Khan – This plugin places a 5-star rating system on your pages and posts so that your viewers can rate your content. The biggest benefit to this plugin is the star ratings have a chance to appear in search engine results to help draw the eye of people searching for terms you have content written for. Scroll to the bottom of this post and you’ll see the star ratings in action (rate this 5-stars if this post helps you).
  • Disqus Comment System by Disqus – Replaces the native WordPress comment system with Disqus, a more advanced commenting system. All you did is install, activate, setup your Disqus forum and you are off to the races. All comments received will still copy to your WordPress database should you want to revert back at a later time.
  • No Category Base (WPML) by Marios Alexandrou – If you get annoyed by your category pages having impactnowacademy(.)com/category/your-category-name-here and would prefer impactnowacademy(.)com/your-category-name-here this plugin will do it for you. Just activate it and POOF, category in your URL is gone.
  • Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights – Unless you know code and willing to enter code into your theme, you will need a way to add Google Analytics’ snippet into your site to track your visitors. Since Google Analytics is the best free traffic analyzer, setup your Analytics account, install this plugin, authenticate and done.
  • Pretty Link by Blair Williams- A simple and effective way to clean up your affiliate links so that they use where “short” would then redirect your visitors to your specified link. You can use this for anything that you’d normally use or for with the added bonus of your domain name appearing when shared around.
  • WP-Optimize by Team Updraft – Your WordPress database, over time, will clutter up with a lot of junk added by WordPress. This plugin will optimize your database, clean out thousands of revisions, help you remove spam comments, remove auto-drafts and more. Stick to the non-red options and you’ll be fine.

Premium Business WordPress Plugins

If you are willing to pony up a little bit of cash, you can drastically improve your business’ ROI with the following WordPress plugins.

  • OptinMonster by Thomas Griffin – Have you noticed that overlay box on this website that makes a wonderful offer, just opt-in to get? This is driven by OptinMonster, the best lead-capture software available. If you have other non-WordPress sites, you can also use this plugin there as well! Capture emails from your visitors, follow up with them and develop your relationships. The money is in the list and this tool is how you start building that list up.
  • Thrive Themes by Shane Melaugh – Thrive Themes not only adds 10 powerful business-ready themes to add to your collection. It also has amazing WordPress plugins that you can use in multiple ways and definitely a must-have in your business.

Thrive Themes and WordPress Plugins Features

For one price that is paid annually, you get access to all of the above features including all 10 themes and some of the most awesome WordPress plugins that you can use on all the websites you own.

My link gives access to a massive discount that marks down the annual price from $228 to $87.44. Here’s some highlights about the WordPress plugins provided:

  • Thrive Content Builder – This plugin works with any theme. It will help you create amazing landing pages that are optimized for the action you want your visitor to take. Whether you want someone to opt-in for a free book, or want to send a customer to a hot product you are selling on ClickFunnels or Shopify, this plugin is a must-have. You will no longer be restricted to the standard blog post format in WordPress, instead, you can build pages that are built custom by you in the layout you choose.
  • Thrive Landing Pages – They offer multiple pre-built landing pages that you can fully customize and make your own. The Thrive Content Builder makes these features available to you with a click of a mouse. Very convenience and will save a lot of time over building landing pages from scratch.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder – Using an expensive quiz service to build your email list? Throw it away. I use the Thrive Quiz Builder to build awesome quizzes that do exactly the same thing as the premium services! Share quizzes and surveys on your business website, drive traffic to a quiz from social media and so much more. I’ve created WordPress sites strictly to run traffic to a quiz using this exact plugin to build a list of 250,000 members!
  • Thrive Ultimatum – Are you kidding?!? How about driving traffic to a funnel you build where there’s scarcity? This is another excellent way to build a list, drive sales and more.

The list of plugins Thrive offers in your membership continues to grow. When they announce new WordPress plugins, you will have instant, immediate access to them at no additional charge.

The only downside about this service is the annual price continues to increase as they add more and more features. When you get in, they will lock you in (grandfather) at your current price. When the price inevitably increases, you’ll pay the same rate year over year.

Remember, you can use these themes and plugins on all the WordPress sites you own and operate. Want to launch a quick subdomain with WordPress strictly for landing pages or access to the quiz feature? Now you can! Build these simple WordPress sites over and over again without any added costs.

That’s my complete list of the best WordPress plugins for your business website. If I missed your favorite plugin or want to say thanks for the list, leave a comment below. I read them all and would love to hear what you have to say! Thanks!

About the Author Scott Buehler

Owner and editor of Impact Now Academy, the ultimate resource for your business education needs. Scott has been an Internet marketer for over 20 years and is here to help make a massive impact in the success of your Internet business(es).

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  • This post was revised today. I removed “Fast Secure Contact Form” plugin and replaced it with WPForm Lite. After giving it a test, it blew FS Contact Form out of the water. Much simpler to implement, easy drag and drop form fields, includes video tutorials and everything you need. I’m implementing this new plugin across all my WordPress sites because it is THAT amazing.

  • Added Social Warfare to the list. Tested it for a week and love the results. I use the sharing features at the top and bottom of every blog post and page. This added separation from the headline and the content allowing me to hide the previous hr line separator this theme included in customized CSS.

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