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How Do I Choose My eCommerce Niche

How Do I Choose My Shopify or eCommerce Niche?

Having difficulty choosing your eCommerce niche? I know this is a huge struggle for a lot of people and this guide is here to help you make the right choice. There’s certainly no guarantees, but this guide will certainly help you narrow your ideas to a proven niche that has worked for countless others.

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Best WordPress Plugins for Business

Best WordPress Plugins You Should Use for Business Websites

Not sure what WordPress plugins you should be using for your business WordPress website? My list of the best WordPress plugins will give you everything you need to drive additional traffic and leads.

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How to Start a Website or Blog in Minutes

How to Create a Website or Blog in Minutes

So you are ready to create a website but need my expert opinion for your web hosting service, content management system and more? See this website creation guide and you will have a website live and online, within minutes of following my step by step setup process.

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Original Impact Now Academy

The Beginning of Impact Now Academy

The very first post on Impact Now Academy. This project was founded on April 9th, 2017 and here to help YOU with various business related topics including Ecommerce with Shopify, passive income streams, WordPress blogging and so much more…

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